Bishop Circle Park
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Bishop Circle Park
  5661 Bishop Circle   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Acres: 0.22
Park Type: Neighborhood
Council Person: Lori Boyer
History: Bishop Circle Park is a .22-acre site located on Jacksonville’s Southside, off St. Augustine Road, at its intersection with Powers Avenue. The land had long been used as a community gathering place and playground. In 1987, neighborhood residents saved a giant oak tree on the grounds from being cut down. The City purchased the site for a park, and the neighborhood agreed to maintain it. The residents name it Walter R. Smith Park to honor the man who had maintained the grounds over the years. Sadly, lightning strikes and inner decay had weakened the tree, and in December 2003, a massive limb crashed to the ground. After a public meeting at the park, the City had the tree cut down the tree to prevent possible injury to park visitors from falling limbs and branches.