Flossie Brunson Eastside Park
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Flossie Brunson Eastside Park
  1050 Franklin Street   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Amenities offered at this park:
27Car Parking
2Picnic shelters
1Playground Equipment
1Softball Adult
1Softball Adult Lighted
2Tennis Hard
2Tennis Hard Lighted
8Trash Barrels
1Water Feature
1Water Features
YesBasketball Adult
YesBasketball Goals
YesBasketball Junior
YesCommunity Center
YesDrinking Fountain
YesPerimeter Site Fencing
YesSecurity Lighting

Acres: 7.38
Park Type: Community
Council Person: Dr. Johnny Gaffney
History: In 1974, the city acquired approximately 7 acres from The Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. After acquiring the property, the City requested that bordering sections of Van Buren Street, Roland Street, and Foster Lane be closed for park construction. Later in the spring of 1974, construction started on basketball courts and a playground. In May 1974, Ordinance 74-445-191 was signed, changing the zoning of the property from RM to GU. In August 1974, ordinance 74-860-392, dedicated the property from the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to the City for the use as a local public park. In 1977, Resolution 77-111-85 and Ordinance 77-112-27 were signed, giving the authority to execute a lease between the City and Community Television, Inc. for the construction and operation of a community facility. Also during this time tennis courts, a baseball field and a t-ball field were constructed (City of Jacksonville Legislation). In October 1982, Resolution 82-941-330 renamed NDP Park to Eastside Community Park. Mayor Hazouri and CW Darling held the Eastside Community Center dedication 10 April 1990 (PRE Media Division Files). A fire damaged the community center in February 1996 and renovations were designed in the process (Letter dated 4/10/96 from Chief Park Maint. to Risk Management). Lease agreements between the City of Jacksonville and The 100 Black Men of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville International Longshoremen`s Association of Retirees were signed for the groups to provide a place to devise life enrichment programs for the Eastside Community (City of Jacksonville Lease Agreement). In 1999, Ordinance 1999-464-W was signed, naming the tennis courts after Flossie Brunson. She has been a resident of the lower Eastside since she was five years old, having moved from Georgia. After her retirement in 1976 from the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, she organized the Lower Eastside Neighborhood Development Corporation to improve and stabilize the neighborhood. She has been actively involved in neighborhood improvement projects ever since. Also in 1999, Ordinance 1999-462-W renamed First Street Park/Eastside Park after Ed Holt. Mr. Holt is a long time grocery proprietor and community leader, who was raised on a farm in Georgia. He has served on numerous boards of community organizations and has received numerous awards for public service (PRE Media Division Files). In August 2001, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to celebrate the upcoming renovation for the park, consisting of lighting, landscaping, a walk path, water feature, fencing, benches, and irrigation. This project was competed April 2002. In May 2003, the park was renamed by City Council Resolution to Flossie Brunson-Eastside Community Center & Playground to honor Ms. Brunson`s life and many contributions to the citizens of Jacksonville.