Bee Street Park
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Bee Street Park
  720 South Shores Road   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Acres: 8.3
Park Type: Undeveloped
Council Person: Lori Boyer
History: Bee Street Park is 8.3 acres of undeveloped land in the South Shores subdivision, east of Jacksonville’s San Marco section. The park takes its name from Bee Street that is adjacent to the park. During the 1930’s, Joseph Davin and Brown Whatley were the premier developers of South Jacksonville. One of their firms, the Southside Homes Company, platted South Shores in 1937 and dedicated the land as a park or parks for public use. In 1940-41, five small parks were cleared and planted on at least a portion of the property. Today, dense thickets, trees, marsh, and a creek from the nearby St. Johns River prevent most access to the land, an in October 2003 the City placed covenants and restrictions on the eastern portion of the site, requiring it to be retained in its natural state.