Bishopswood Park
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Bishopswood Park
  6990 Argyle Forest Boulevard   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Amenities offered at this park:

Acres: 7.848
Park Type: Neighborhood
Council Person: Michael Corrigan
History: Bishopswood Park is located in the Argyle East Village neighborhood of southwest Jacksonville, just north of the Orange Park area. The park property was an undeveloped tract on the 1977 plat, and reserved by the developer for community recreational use. Probably because of its many attractive oak trees, the residents named it Oak Grove Park. Delinquent taxes accrued, and in 1997 an individual purchased the property at a tax deed sale. After the owner experienced legal difficulties, government officials persuaded him to donate the tract to the City in 2001, with the City paying the taxes then owed on the property. Parks Dept. staff and City Council member Alberta Hipps met with the residents in 2002 to determine what facilities they wanted in the park, which takes its name from nearby Bishopswood Drive. The consensus called for leaving the site as a passive, neighborhood park, and installing the additional amenities that it still contains in 2005.