Beach Blvd. Boat Ramp
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Beach Blvd. Boat Ramp
  8540 Beach Blvd   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32216

Amenities offered at this park:
1Boat docks
1Boat Ramps
13Boat Trailer Parking
1Canoe/Kayak Launch
3Car Parking
1Pedestrian Docks
5Trash Barrels
YesFishing Available
YesManatee Education
YesPerimeter Site Fencing
YesSecurity Lighting

Acres: 0.521
Park Type: Boat Ramp
Council Person: Don Redman
History: The Beach Boulevard Boat Ramp is located in southeast Jacksonville along Big Pottsburg Creek, just south of Beach Boulevard. Though the meandering creek originally included the present-day Arlington River, today it is a tributary of the river. During the British occupation of Florida from 1763 until 1783, Samuel Potts, a gentleman in England, received a 20,000-acre land grant along the St. Johns River and established a plantation named Pottburg. The creek probably takes its name from this source. Duval County purchased the land in 1957 from the developer of the adjacent Killarney Shores Division, and the boat ramp was likely built soon thereafter. Improvements over the years include a new ADA-accessible floating dock in 2004. Due to limited vertical clearance at the Beach Boulevard bridge and limited creek width, mostly smaller boats and jet skis use the ramp.