Dinsmore Park and Center
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Dinsmore Park and Center
  7330 Civic Club Drive   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32219

Amenities offered at this park:
1Baseball Adult
1Baseball Adult Lighted
1Baseball Youth
1Baseball Youth Lighted
1Bike racks
52Car Parking
1Concession Stand
1Picnic shelters
4Picnic Tables
1Playground Equipment
2Softball Youth
2Softball Youth Lighted
13Trash Barrels
YesBuilding General
YesCommunity Center
YesDrinking Fountain
YesPerimeter Site Fencing

Acres: 11.46
Park Type: Community
Council Person: E. Denise Lee
History: Dinsmore Park and Center is located in northwest Jacksonville. A small area that includes the park has been the heart of the Dinsmore community since at least the latter 1800ís. It presently contains the Dinsmore Cemetery, the Dinsmore Elementary School, the Dinsmore Baptist Church, and the Dinsmore Community Center. After leasing land from the School Board around 1956, Duval County established the facility known as Dinsmore Civic Ball Park, which contained a lighted softball field, a picnic area, and a community building. Later additions included a health clinic, along with the youth sports program of the Dinsmore Athletic Association. With the support of City Councilman Warren Alvarez, the City completed a major improvement project at the park in March 2006. Planning has also begun to convert the old community center into a history museum operated by the Dinsmore Heritage Association.