Greenridge Road Park
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Greenridge Road Park
  3850 San Jose Blvd   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Amenities offered at this park:
2Trash Barrels
YesPerimeter Site Fencing

Acres: 2.9
Park Type: Neighborhood
Council Person: Lori Boyer
History: Greenridge Road Park is located in the Colonial Manor neighborhood of Jacksonville, on the east and west sides of San Jose Boulevard near its intersection with Greenridge Road. The park sits in the heart of the old Red Bank Plantation that was owned by the Albert Philips family. The plantation house built in the 1850ís still exists, and is the Cityís second oldest building still being used as a residence. Development of Colonial Manor began in 1937, and the City acquired the parkland in 1937-1939. With no commercial intrusion, the subdivision and park have retained their attractiveness over the years. The park, adjacent to a creek that empties into the St. Johns River, stretches between lovely homes while providing the natural amenities of scenic trees and landscape.