Gerrie`s Park
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Gerrie`s Park
  6629 Ft. Caroline Road   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32277


Covered Pavillion

Amenities offered at this park:
1Bike racks
1Picnic shelters
3Picnic Tables
1Playground Equipment
7Trash Barrels
YesDrinking Fountain
YesPerimeter Site Fencing

Acres: 1.39
Park Type: Neighborhood
Council Person: Joyce Morgan
History: Fort Caroline Playground is located in the Fort Caroline Club Estates neighborhood of north Arlington, at the corner of Rogero and Fort Caroline Roads. As people flocked to the suburbs after World War II, the opening of the Mathews Bridge in 1953 facilitated development of the neighborhood, which began in 1958. The City established the playground in 1971, on land leased from the subdivisionís developer, Arlington-Wurn Construction Co. The City then purchased the property in 1982, and also acquired a parcel just west of the playground in 1992 for additional parking. The playground was re-designed and provided with new amenities in a major improvement project completed in 2002. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, the City acknowledged the dedication of Mrs. Geraldine Atkinson, a longtime-resident who for decades has championed the playground, which often hosts events such as weddings, birthday parties, and reunions.