Dinsmore Boat Ramp
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Dinsmore Boat Ramp
  6800 Dunn Ave Te.   Mapit
Jacksonville, FL 32219

Amenities offered at this park:
1Boat docks
2Boat Ramps
16Boat Trailer Parking
30Car Parking
1Playground Equipment
2Trash Barrels
YesFishing Available

Acres: 2.63
Park Type: Boat Ramp and Park
Council Person: E. Denise Lee
History: The Dinsmore Boat Ramp and Playground is located along the Trout River in the Dinsmore area of northwest Jacksonville, near the intersection of Dunn Ave. and New Kings Rd. In the early 1900ís, dairy farming became the principal industry in Dinsmore. Prior to creation of the boat ramp/playground area, which was developed as a Duval County facility sometime between 1956 and 1965, a bridge crossed the Trout River at the site and connected Dunn Avenue before the road was later re-routed. After obtaining input from the local citizens, the City made improvements at the site between June and December 1999 that included a pedestrian bridge connecting the boat ramp and playground areas, parking and ramp renovations, new playground equipment and picnic tables, and more. The boat ramps provide direct access to the upper portions of the Trout River, and are well utilized by boats less than twenty-two feet in length.